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ZFill deep ² 1ml hyaluronic acid cross-linked to a volumetric
ZFill deep ² is a viscoelastic solution containing 23 mg sodium hyaluronate/ml to restore and transmit volume to the...
Cryo 6 Hose 1,8 m NEW promo
Cryo 6 Hose 1,8 m NEW
Zimmer Cryo 6 Hose 1,8 m NEW
Durable material, long lasting
Six feet in length
Light-weight and flexible
Easy to...
ZFill refresh ² 1ml - hyaluronic acid with glycerol
ZFill refresh ² contains 18 mg sodium hyaluronate/ml and 20 mg glycerol/ml for intradermal use.
ZFill refresh ² is...
ZFill contour ² 1ml cross-linked hyaluronic acid
ZFill contour ² is a viscoelastic solution for intradermal use containing 23 mg sodium hyaluronate/ml.
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IMESO AESTHETIC GROUP is a leader in the distribution of products and equipment used in medicine and aesthetic dermatology. The proposed professional medical equipment is dedicated to professionals who want to equip your clinic / office of the highest quality dermatological. Our products are certified by FDA, GMP and CE which confirms their world-class HighTecMed. With the portal you can keep track of news from the aesthetic market both in Poland and around the world.

Fillers ZFill is a professional products appreciated among others by the Association of Aesthetic Dermatology in Germany, which granted the title of "Best Product 2013". A wide range of products ZFill meet the expectations of the best and most demanding practitioners in the field of medicine and aesthetic dermatology, and the use of an additional cannula SOFTFIL increases the possibility of surgical techniques. ZFill products include cross-linked hyaluronic acid and cross-linked with glycerol.

IMESO AESTHETIC GROUP has a conceptual solution the most effective treatments connections in modeling body shape. Device for cryolipolysis ZLipo with the shock wave from the Wave Pro improves the efficacy of the fat loss by 10%. The use of shock wave Wave after surgery Pro cryolipolysis In Lipo accelerates consolidation of the effect of two months to two weeks.

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