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Cosmelan - treatment for discoloration

02/10/2017 | Aesthetic Medicine
Cosmelan - treatment for discoloration

Discoloration on the skin occurs as a result of too high levels of melanin produced by the skin. It is manufactured to protect against UV rays. That is why people living in warm climates have darker skin, and in the cold usually the skin is bright. Discoloration occurs most often as a result of frequent sunbathing or hormonal changes. To get rid of them, many people undergo various aesthetic treatments. One of them is cosmelan.

Discoloration is not hazardous to health and does not affect the daily functioning of the body. However, they may worsen their mood because the person with discoloration feels unattractive and tries to hide it at all costs. In women, the common cause of hyperpigmentation is pregnancy or menopause when the greatest hormonal changes occur. As a result, patients are increasingly looking for depigmentation treatments that will allow them to get rid of stains on the skin. Cosmelan brightens discoloration by blocking tyrosinase and eliminating excess pigment. In addition, the treatment also has other effects that make it select many people.
Cosmelan effects
The treatment is not only used to combat discoloration, mainly freckles or melasma, but also helps to remove scars created on the skin. It is also used to narrow the enlarged pores and treat acne. After treatment the skin is visibly smoothed, moisturized and cleansed. Reduces discoloration and changes in the skin, plus cosmelan regulates the work of sebaceous glands and slows down the formation of blackheads. The treatment is also recommended for shallow wrinkles, which effectively smoothes.
What is the procedure?
The treatment consists of two stages - a highly peeling mask and a home treatment with a lightening cream. Its first effects appear after a week of conducting. In professional surgery before the surgery, the doctor talks to the patient to exclude any contraindications. If cosmelan can be used, the skin is cleansed and degreased with a special liquid. Then a special mask is applied to it, which the patient is washing at home only after about 5-8 hours, according to the recommendations of a doctor or a cosmetologist. Then, for about 2-3 months, the patient has to apply a special cream to the skin, which supports the action of the mask and serum with vitamins. Discontinuation of the preparation may result in recurrence of hyperpigmentation, so it is important to conscientiously make recommendations at home. The patient should also appear in the office for periodic skin condition checks.
Immediately after the procedure, the skin may be red and flabby. In the next days it starts to peel off. Cosmelan treatment is highly effective. Hyperpigmentation disappears in people with dark complexion in 8 to 10 days, with light skin in 8-21 days. The reduction of stains on the skin is as much as 95%. No other formulations for discoloration or alcohol or peeling can be used during the treatment. For about 10 days you can not apply makeup to the skin, and for a month display it to the sun. Before each use, it is best to apply a cream with a high filter on the skin.
The treatment also has contraindications. Belong to them:
- pregnancy and lactation,
- an active form of acne,
- active inflammation of the skin,
- recently performed epilation,
- other peeling treatments,
- skin allergies,
- bacterial or viral infections,
- herpes,
- light sensitivity,
- Roacutan,
- no contact with the sun.




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