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Wrinkles on the neck

27/09/2017 | Aesthetic Medicine
Wrinkles on the neck

Wrinkles appear on the neckline, as the skin loses its elasticity and elasticity with age. As far as our face is concerned, we care about its beautiful appearance, so rarely do we remember that the neckline should also be properly cared for. Wrinkle formation on the neckline can of course be delayed, or you may choose one of the aesthetic treatments to quickly get rid of them and again be able to wear a neckline without any complexes.

Causes of wrinkles on the neck
As mentioned above, wrinkles on the neckline are created at any time because our skin is just getting old. But we also have an influence on their formation. The appearance of wrinkles on the neckline is facilitated by frequent sun exposure, cigarette smoking, prolonged bending, eg when working on a computer or while reading, and sleeping in uncomfortable positions that affect wrinkles mainly on the chest. In addition, the skin should be properly hydrated. Nothing will even apply the best anti-wrinkle creams if we do not consume enough water. About 8 glasses of fluids a day is the optimal dose that will help in the proper functioning of the body. In order to delay the appearance of wrinkles should also use proper care of the neckline. It is best to treat it as an extension of the face. Applying creams with vitamins C and E as well as retinol and coenzyme Q10 prevents skin aging and keeps it in perfect condition. It is also advisable to use on the neckline peels that stimulate the production of new cells. They make the skin less elastic and perfectly smooth.
Wrinkle treatments
Aesthetic medicine offers many treatments for wrinkles on the neck, so you can always go to a professional clinic or clinic to get the best treatment for wrinkles, smoothing and firming your skin.
The most common method for wrinkles is hyaluronic acid. Injections with a special filler result in an immediate smoothing effect. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in our body, and is primarily responsible for young skin appearance. With age, however, it is less and less in the body, so the skin loses its smoothness, chills and wrinkles appear and wrinkles. However, the injection of acid should be repeated every few months, because it is absorbed by the body.
Another method of fighting wrinkles on the neckline is peeling with fruit acids. They stimulate the skin for natural renewal. As a result of exfoliation, new, hydrated and elastic tissue is formed. In addition, peeling stimulates the skin to produce collagen.
Wrinkle removal is also performed using a laser. It suppresses skin sagging and discoloration, and also firms it. Laser dermabrasion simply removes the top part of the epidermis. In addition, a local laser for wrinkles is also used. This method in turn penetrates both the subcutaneous tissue and the dermis. The recommended treatment on the neckline is also the platelet rich plasma. This so-called "vampire lifting", which involves removing the plasma from the patient and injecting it into problem areas along with peptides that stimulate the cells to divide and lead to tissue regeneration.
All of these treatments have contraindications that do not allow them to be performed in some patients. That is why it is necessary to choose the appropriate medical clinic or office, which employs aesthetic medicine specialists. At the time of the interview with the patient, they can clearly classify him or her for execution because of the state of health of the patient.




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