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16/10/2017|Hyaluronic acid

Cryolipolysis - painless fat freezing
Cryolipolysis - painless fat freezing »


Cryolipolysis is one of the ways to effectively get rid of unwanted fat. It is based on the freezing of fatty deposits using a special head of high quality devices such as Z Lipo from the IMESO AESTHETIC GROUP...
Cosmelan - treatment for discoloration
Cosmelan - treatment for discoloration »

02/10/2017|Aesthetic Medicine

Discoloration on the skin occurs as a result of too high levels of melanin produced by the skin. It is manufactured to protect against UV rays. That is why people living in warm climates have darker skin, and in the...
Wrinkles on the neck
Wrinkles on the neck »

27/09/2017|Aesthetic Medicine

Wrinkles appear on the neckline, as the skin loses its elasticity and elasticity with age. As far as our face is concerned, we care about its beautiful appearance, so rarely do we remember that the neckline should...
Anesthesia during medical treatment
Anesthesia during medical treatment »


Modern aesthetic medicine now offers scalpel-free treatments that are not linked to long recovery, extensive list of side effects or pain. As a result, more and more people become convinced of the methods used to...
Fat cellulite
Fat cellulite »


Cellulite is a common problem for many women. Very rarely occurs in men because it is closely related to female genetics and anatomy. Cellulite has always been on the body of women during pregnancy, but not only the...
Galvanization in cosmetology
Galvanization in cosmetology »

18/09/2017|Aesthetic Medicine

Electroplating uses DC, or galvanic. This is by far the oldest method of applying DC in medicine. Its name derives from the name of Luigi Galvani's researcher, who contributed to broadening the knowledge about the...
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