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IMESO AESTHETIC at the XVIII International Congress of Dermatology Aesthetic and Anti-Aging 2017 »
On 10-12 March 2017r. the Hotel Double Tree by Hilton Hotel was held XVIII International Congress of Dermatology Aesthetic and Anti-Aging organized by the...
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Shock wave of the future! - ZWavePro! »
Professional shock wave ZWavePro a higher level of wave generator. With technology ZWavePro can perform many medical procedures in the field of aesthetics.
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Cryolipolysis ZLipo in synergy with the shock wave ZWavePro »
ZLipo System is a higher level of cryolipolysis. This device has a unique protocol that allows a treatment to adjust treatment parameters to the individual...
Views: 966
Klinika drParda: ZLipo & ZWavePro - skuteczna redukcja tkanki tłuszczowej i modelowanie ciała »
The strength of the Synergy concept of Success - is an innovative protocol calls the world's only cryolipolysis ZLipo allows to carry out the treatment...
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Z Lipo & Z WavePro System in effective and safe fat reduction »
INNOVATIVE CONCEPT treatments ZLipo & ZWavePro The concept of Treatment ZLipo & ZWavePro is an innovative procedure Treatment effectively reduces body fat...
Views: 1026
ZLipo - The new way of fat burning »
Meet philosophy ZLipo through a journey in which you will understand what is ZLipo. ZLipo System is the only device in the world that has an innovative...
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ZLipo - Animation System Cryolipolysis treatment »
ZLipo is the most effective method of non-invasive fat reduction. Due to the sensitivity of fat cells to low temperature treatment ZLipo causes damage and...
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