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Cryolipolysis ZLipo in synergy with the shock wave ZWavePro

04/03/2017 Added by: ALLMED Centrum Medyczne
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ZLipo System is a higher level of cryolipolysis. This device has a unique protocol that allows a treatment to adjust treatment parameters to the individual characteristics of the patient's fat tissue. Were separated three phases of surgery cryolipolysis full medical protocol ZLipo. Each phase has a function in therapy cryolipolysis.
Only such a solution biotech guarantee the highest level of safety and efficacy. Thanks to the original mat treatment ZLipo fleece skin in the maximum way is secured.

Use synergistically shock wave therapy after surgery ZWavePro cryolipolysis:

  • tightens the skin,
  • stimulates collagen production,
  • It stimulates cellular metabolism of the skin,
  • damage the connection between the adipocytes.
  • stimulates lymphatic drainage.

The procedure cryolipolysis ZLipo lasts 60 minutes (sum of the three phases of surgery). This equipment generates applicators temperature between + 5 ° C to -10 ° C. Applicators in the final phase of the surgery bring the frozen tissue phase of lymphatic drainage and activates microcirculation. Thanks to this procedure is very comfortable for patients.

The combination of these two treatments performed using devices ZLipo and ZWavePro effect of reducing the body fat of 35% of the area of treatment. The effectiveness of the treatment cryolipolysis ZLipo and Z-Wave Pro is over 10% higher than conventional treatments using Cryolipolysis finishing with manual massage.

This makes this method the most effective procedure non-invasive fat reduction and body shaping.
Synergy ZLipo and ZWavePro been tested clinically confirming the effectiveness of this concept of the treatment of non-invasive body shaping.



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