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Klinika drParda: ZLipo & ZWavePro - skuteczna redukcja tkanki tłuszczowej i modelowanie ciała

28/01/2017 Added by: Klinika Medycyny Estetycznej dr Parda
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The strength of the Synergy concept of Success - is an innovative protocol calls the world's only cryolipolysis ZLipo allows to carry out the treatment protocol targeted the individual characteristics of each patient's fat tissue and the additional treatment of the shock wave ZWavePro.

ZLipo System is the only Cryolipolysis of the three phases of the procedure. Each phase allows to perform the technique so as to maximum safe and effective. Also, patient comfort as compared to conventional devices cryolipolysis or the so-called kriolizy is higher.

Application of a shock wave ZWavePro immediately after surgery ZLipo system increases the effectiveness of the elimination of the fat cells by 44% as confirmed by clinical studies. The shock wave also makes skin firmer by stimulating the production of collagen and stimulate cellular metabolism of the skin.

With these two technologies Zimmer can define this concept as complex. On the one hand, non-invasive way to get rid of the body's fat cells, approximately 35% reduction in the area of treatment, on the other hand we take care of proper elasticity of the skin, making the skin taut with the loss of volume caused by the loss of fat.

Cryolipolysis treatment ZLipo system with trim shock wave ZWavePro takes about 75 minutes. We can expect a reduction of adipose tissue at the level of 1-3 cm after the first treatment.

The treatment is comfortable and painless, and the results are guaranteed and depend on the individual characteristics of each patient.

Security surgery ZLipo provide specially designed mats ZLipo fleece. They protect the patient's skin during the procedure before the concentration of low temperatures on its surface. Thanks to such features of molecular structure mats ZLipo fleece skin is protected and secure at the highest level.


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